Access Control

With an Access Control System You Can:

  • Rest assured your control system is being serviced and maintained with over 60 years of experience
  • Network entire system in multiple locations
  • Add or delete employees quickly and easily from the system
  • Control employee access into sensitive areas
  • Restrict walk-in traffic and decrease security threats
  • Reduce the security hassle involved with employee turnover
  • Program time and areas for authorized employee access
  • Remotely Manage Your System from anywhere in the world

What is Access Control?

     MTI offers a full product line of keyless access control systems and can design and install the right solution for your business, whether you require keyless access control for a single door or a multi-site campus. 

Available Options

  • Activity reports for employee access verification
  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance
  • Automatic door unlock during fire alarms
  • Maintain employee profiles in database
  • Multiple door access capability
  • Schedule control

In today’s business environment access control ID cards are common. Each places a single, unmistakable face to a name, an employee to a company, a person to a specific job. These are only a few of the duties associated with the expanding role of access control, and can be used in any number of small or large commercial applications.

Business owners and corporate managers need to know that their employees or site visitors are traveling into the authorized sections of the building. Access control systems are routinely integrated with video surveillance technologies, and building evacuation plans to create an increased level of worksite security and disaster preparedness. Interactive

Whether home or away, at the desk or on the go, our interactive solution makes it simple to monitor property, keep loved ones safe, and stay connected to home and family from anywhere.  Interactive is designed to offer you innovative and flexible packages to suit your customers' needs and requirements. 

 The system's remote video feature can be programmed to send you a streaming video feed or video screen capture via email, so you can see your kids entering your house. Interactive is a unique service that lets you manage and control you home's security system, lighting and temperature remotely over the Internet via web-enabled devices like your computer, smartphone or tablet. Now you can have control of your home's lighting, heating and appliances no matter what your location, no matter what the time of day.

A gateway that gives the customer the ability to control and monitor devices through Z-Wave® technology. Customers will be able to control lights, thermostats and other appliances wirelessly. The gateway also provides a private WiFi network that is used for secure communications to the Interactive cameras and touch screen.

    Camera with IR illumination allows for indoor and outdoor use in both lit and low light situations. The camera automatically provides extra IR illumination when enough visible light is not available for proper operation. Connectivity is provided through
either a hardwired or wireless IP connection to the HUB.

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